Singing lessons

The voice is the first instrument most of us encounter. We hear singing all around us every day, and what could be more natural, or more enjoyable, than to join in?

It's also the most affordable instrument - we all have one already, and the challenge for each of us is to make the best use of it.

I don't believe that there's anyone who genuinely can't sing - other than for medical reasons. Most people who claim that they "can't sing" simply haven't learned how to control the pitch of their voices fully. With good teaching anyone can sing in tune.

Singing lessons have benefits in the rest of your life. Performance skills learned in singing lessons can be a confidence booster, helping you learn to project your personality both musically and in business. A good sing is a fantastic stress reliever too.

What I teach

I teach singing at all levels from absolute beginner to diploma standard.

I teach a variety of styles of singing. My specialisms are Classical Singing (including Opera, Oratorio and Art Song) and Musical Theatre, but pupils can explore Folk, Jazz or Pop too. My aim is to encourage people to produce the most appropriate sound for the style of music they're singing, and to do this without strain or discomfort.

Lessons will include work on posture and breathing, producing sound in a variety of timbres, and will explore repertoire from a variety of backgrounds and eras - from the sixteenth century (or earlier) to the twenty-first.

Songs in other languages such as French, German, Italian and Spanish may be studied, if wished, and these are a necessary part of the curriculum for higher-grade and diploma level classical singers.