Recorder lessons

Recorders combine the advantages of affordability and ease of sound production. This makes them ideal as a first instrument for the would-be musician of any age. But as well as being a good starter instrument, there is a wealth of advanced repertoire to develop skills in the more experienced player.

Recorders can come in a variety of sizes, from the tiny Garklein to the enormous Contrabass. Modern developments in instrument building have enabled manufacturers to adapt various sizes of recorders for differing hand sizes and other physical limitations.

The most popular sizes are the Descant (known to everyone from years of primary school lessons) and the Treble, which is the main solo instrument for which repertoire is written. I encourage pupils to learn both, and to move from these to other sizes when they are ready.

The recorder is a tremendously sociable instrument. The Society of Recorder Players thrives through the UK, giving people the opportunity to play together in large or small groups.