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Welcome Back!

posted 21 Aug 2018, 04:34 by Catherine Jennaway   [ updated 21 Aug 2018, 04:39 ]

Dear everyone

I hope you've had a good Summer, and are relaxed, refreshed and ready for the new academic year.  I will be open for lessons from Monday 3rd September onwards, although I know some people won't be ready to start again quite that early, so please let me know when you are ready to get started. 

My timetable has shifted a bit since last term.  I am definitely available for lessons this term on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays 5pm to 8.30pm, Thursdays 2pm to 8.30pm and Fridays 5pm to 6.30pm.  I may be able to do other times depending on my school schedule, but these are times I will definitely be available to teach.  


As I advised people at the start of last term, I am not putting my fees up this year.  The fee for a half-hour lesson will remain at £21 and for an hour will remain at £38.  Advance payment batches of 10 lessons will continue to attract a 10% discount.  Those who have unused lessons from last term's batches will have them honoured at the start of this term.

Regular bookings:

I know a number of people would like to change lesson slots, due to new schools, new timetables or new clubs.  There will be a fair bit of juggling I need to do to fit everyone in, and it will inevitably take a couple of weeks to sort it out completely. 

Please bear with me while we get the schedule sorted out.  The more flexible you can be over when your lesson is, the easier my job becomes to make the timetable work.  To that end, please could you let me know what days and times of the week you ABSOLUTELY CAN'T do, as well as any preferences.  


I know from time to time events occur that mean you can't make your usual lesson appointment for one week.  PLEASE let me know as soon as you can if you can't come - I can then look at making a swap if I have a free slot that works for you, and of course it may be that the lesson you can't use that week will be just what someone else needs to sort their fixture clash instead. 

If I don't get notice that you aren't coming, that means I have a slot in which I can't do anything else, which loses me money.  For that reason, I will have to insist that (in line with the terms and conditions I asked you to read when you first booked with me) all time booked must be paid for.  If you fail to show up, you will either forfeit one lesson from your prepaid batch or (if you don't choose to prepay) you will be charged two lesson fees at your next booking. 

Ad-hoc bookings:

As always, when you want to book an ad-hoc lesson, please let me know.  I will advise you of what times I have available, on a first-come-first-served basis.  Payment is due when the time is booked, and, as with regular bookers, no-shows will be charged at the usual rate.


The main ABRSM exam season will be from 5th November to 8th December.  Theory exams will be on Tuesday 6th November.  The deadline for putting entries in is 28th September.  If we have agreed you will take an exam this term, the fee for that exam will be due by the entry date.  If I have not received the exam fee by then, I'm afraid I won't be able to make the exam entry.

And finally:

A bit of housekeeping.  Please could you make sure I have an up-to-date phone number for you in case of emergencies (mobile is fine).  I confirm that I will only keep this information for the purposes of running the business, and that it will be deleted when it is no longer required.  The information will be kept securely and will not be passed to anyone else for any reason.

Many thanks