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My voice is back

posted 19 Oct 2015, 00:17 by Catherine Jennaway   [ updated 19 Oct 2015, 00:17 ]

Dear everyone


I'm sorry about last week's cancellations.  After a week of silence, my voice has now returned, so I am available to teach this week.

My schools have (yet again) mismatched half-terms, so I'll be around next week too.

Please let me know which week(s) you are coming for lessons and/or if you need to change days.  I have a small amount of daytime availability in both weeks, if that's any help.  However, we are having some work done on the house, so you may find your lesson being taught in the kitchen rather than the music room!

Laryngitis is one of those things that singers dread, but can't do anything about - all we can ever do is rest, drink gallons of water and wait for the voice to come back.  Testing it occasionally to see if it's back doesn't do too much extra harm, but trying to force the voice out if it won't work of its own accord is a spectacularly bad idea, and can lead to longer term damage.

 Best wishes