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End of this term and the beginning of next term

posted 30 Jun 2019, 10:19 by Catherine Jennaway   [ updated 30 Jun 2019, 10:20 ]

Dear everyone

Just a quick note regarding the end of this term, and looking forward to the beginning of next term.

The next few days' availability

Due to a hair-raising mix of exams, concerts and funerals, I shall be unavailable on the following days:

Wednesday 3rd July

Friday 5th July

Monday 8th July

Tuesday 9th July

If you were expecting to see me on any of those days, and have not yet arranged a rescheduled time, please contact me urgently.

All other days of the next two weeks, I am available at the usual times.

End of term

I shall be teaching up to, and including, Saturday 20th July.  After that, I shall be on holiday until Monday 2nd September.  I may be able to answer e-mails or texts during that time, albeit not necessarily as promptly as usual.

Several people will have unused lessons in their current batch to carry over to the new term.  If you're not certain how many lessons you have left, please contact me.

New term and new school year

As I mentioned, I will be available for lessons from Monday 2nd September, although I know some people won't want to re-start quite that early.  I will be e-mailing everyone to obtain their timetable preferences at that point, and, as usual, I'm sure there will be a couple of weeks' juggling to get everyone into a workable slot.  The more flexible and patient you can be during that juggle, the easier it will be for everyone.

I'm planning to offer the following hours next term:

Mondays  4.30pm to 8.30 pm

Tuesdays 4.30pm to 8.30 pm

Wednesdays 3pm to 7pm

Thursdays 2pm to 8.30pm

Fridays 4.30pm to 7pm

Saturdays 9am to 1pm

Fee review

As always, the start of the new school year is the time I review my charges for the coming year.  I'm afraid that I can't avoid an increase this year, so my charges from 1st September will be:

30 minutes £22.00 pay as you go or £198.00 for a prepaid batch of 10 lessons

45 minutes £31.00 pay as you go or £279.00 for a prepaid batch of 10 lessons

60 minutes £40.00 pay as you go or £360.00 for a prepaid batch of 10 lessons.

New projects for the new year

I am going to be offering a couple of new projects from September:

1.  Following the success of the Intensive Grade 5 Theory Course trial runs this term, I shall be offering two weekend courses as follows:

·         A Grade 5 Theory Kickstarter course on 1st and 2nd September (Sunday and Monday) for those who haven't studied much formal theory before but need to get up to speed for Grade 5 Theory this term, or for those who would like an extra top-up of study in addition to the work they've done over the last terms.

·         A Grade 5 Theory Revision course on 2nd and 3rd November which will be a very focused revision weekend just prior to the exam on Wednesday 6th November at 5pm.  This course is NOT suitable for those who have not studied any theory before.

Each two-day course will cost £130 per person, and students are welcome to enrol for either or both courses.  Exam entry, if you'd like me to process it, will cost £38 in addition to the course fees, and the exam deadline is 27th September.

2.  I will be offering a weekly Grade 8 Aural Session on Saturday mornings from 7th September.  This will run for half an hour from 11.30am to 12noon, and the fee will be £10 per person per session.

Exams next term

If you are interested in doing an exam next term, please let me know.  Hopefully there will be a visit at Sarah Price's on Saturday 30 November, if there are enough candidates to make it viable.  Otherwise the main run of exams will be from 4th November to 7th December, and as usual I won't be able to predict which day will be ours.

The deadline for exam entries is 27th September.  All fees must be paid by then or entries won't be processed.

Er...that's it, I think

Have a great Summer everyone, and I look forward to seeing you in September.

Best wishes